I packed up my bags and jumped on a flight from Detroit to Las Vegas. I landed in “Sin City” at about 8 pm and as soon as I stepped out of the airport I fell in love. The air was so crisp, clean and dry I could take in a deep breath and feel great, the weather was over 80 degrees in September, and the atmosphere was so amazing I can’t even explain it. We got to our hotel checked in, put our bags in our room and headed straight to a local dispensary. After we got elevated it was straight to the casino to play some Blackjack the way Blackjack Apprenticeship thought me to play. After several hours of play I ended up being up quite a bit and new it was time for some rest because I was heading to the Punk Rock Museum the next day!

I ended up taking tons of pictures and videos at the Punk Rock Museum and put them together in the video below! I got the opportunity to play Fat Mikes of NOFX bass, Fletcher from Pennywise guitar, and I attempted to play Tim Armstrong of Rancid & Operation Ivy guitar (he’s left handed).

Make sure to stick around until the end to see a special surprise I didn’t let anyone in on!

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